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Connect to Health Care Today!

Real People. Real Communities. Real Health.

Our Values

  • Building Trust

  • Open Accountability

  • Making An Impact

  • Caring For Communities

Our Story

Hight Health is an Atlanta-based health care coordination company focused on addressing Social Determinants of Health (SDOH). We do this by providing health-related events, resources, and care coordination efforts directly in the communities we serve. This allows us the ability to coordinate access to health care and engage individuals in their care. We are real people, engaging real communities, through real health.

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Our Commitment to Improving Health

We elevate health in underserved communities.

A lack of access to care, health information, and living with untreated health issues leads to a lower quality of life and can shorten a person’s life span.  Hight Health addresses these issues by acting as the link to health professionals and resources. 

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