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Father and Daughter

Take Control of Your Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Programs

High Blood Pressure Programs

Welcome to our Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Program page, designed to empower individuals managing hypertension. Take control of your health with personalized support and guidance.

High Blood Pressure Resources

Take the first step towards better blood pressure management today. Join our program and prioritize your health and well-being. Together, we can achieve optimal blood pressure control and a healthier future.


“Live to the Beat” with KevOnStage

Cardiologist, Dr. Merije Chukumerije, joins @KevOnStage in episode 1 of our Live to the Beat video series. The pair discuss how heart disease impacts the Black community more significantly and the importance of working with a doctor. Check out episode 1 to learn what you can be doing to Live to the Beat!

Educational Video: Watch Out for Sneaky Sodium

When you eat too much salt/sodium, your body draws more water into your bloodstream — and that raises your blood pressure. Knowing the “sneaky” sources of sodium (like bread and condiments) will help you know where to cut back. Click below to watch and learn more.

Real Life Testimonials: Stories from the Heart

Listen to inspiring stories feature everyday people who have found ways to take heart-healthy small steps, in some cases after experiencing a cardiovascular event themselves. Click below to watch and learn more.

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